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Share the Love Bangle

Share the love bracelet cuffs are great to give to anyone, create your own saying/quote/word or use some that I have. Customize any way you would like. The designs are unlimited! Sizes for price are based on the width of the bangle. (See second picture for size info). The wrist size is adjustable so if you need it for someone with a very small or larger wrist please indicate in comments upon checkout. If not size is notified, the standard size will be what you receive. Starting at $18.00, charms are $3.00. The metals are nugold, copper and aluminum. 

Please Note:  The copper and NuGold is raw so some oxidizing will occur.  Copper has many healing properties such as joint and arthritis relief so some people prefer it raw.  It is easily polished after wear.  If you prefer to have it pre-oxidized feel free to request it and we can treat it for you.

 If you would like gold filled or sterling, please notify me and I will be happy to do you a listing. The price will be increased.

Share the Love Bangle

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